Secret # 3

Try Something NEW

This year I had a great unforgettable opportunity…. I volunteered to give Injaz course to school students during this academic year.

I chose to participate only to break the work routine and gain new training skills, but I didn’t know that this will be the start of the best experience…. 

The excitement started when I knew that my school is in the program, here the memories started to flow… I will meet my teachers again, a flashback on all the craziness we did, I will set in the corners where we laughed till our tummies hurt, will listen to all the shouts in the playground during the lunch break, will go to my classroom sit on the benches and try to find our names that we carved ….

” So now choose a class” this sound stopped the thoughts for a while … but completed my excitement when I knew that I am able to teach my sister’s class … Here the only thing popped in my mind ” OH YA THE FUN HAS JUST STARTED


My first day….. In my next post 🙂 


Secret # 2 Always Look on the Bright Side

Always look on the bright side of life-350x495

Every single situation could be either perceived in a positive or negative way. Thinking positively doesn’t require lots of time or effort but the other way around, it gives you higher energy to complete your day with satisfaction and inner peace, and spread happiness through out your way.

Always always spend your time looking at the bright side, since in either ways the spent time won’t be replaced again, so take advantage of each minute and don’t lose it while over thinking about things didn’t happen and even won’t ever happen in other place than your mind.

Till my next post…. be a source of happiness, be the person people like to meet, be the one who draws a smile through out his/ her way.

Secrets of HAPPINESS: #1

Appreciate Appreciate Appreciate


My parents were the ones who registered me to school without telling me or taking my approval, then as normal next step I entered the university just as what all my friends did. But having a job was my first serious choice I took by myself.

I always thought that the school and university are the places were we learn and know life lessons, but I never expected that the place that will teach me the most is my job. I never predicted that literally every working day would teach me something knew.

Having a job forced me to work with people not from my choice for the first time, have different lifestyles, different interests, different personalities and different beliefs, and this what offered me life lessons.

My job is teaching me precious things, that may hurt sometimes, but at the end of each day I thank God a thousand times for giving me much much more than I deserve.

Having a job made me appreciate every single thing in my life; appreciate who offered this wonderful life, MY IRREPLACEABLE PARENTS who spent their whole life making me happy without even showing how hard it is. Every day I get attached to them more and more, every day I value new things they did for me, every day I value life more. And the most important thing, now I value their first choice for me 🙂 and as a result I’m continuing it now and taking my MBA degree.

Till my next post, “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough” Oprah Winfrey

Getting started

Writing is not my hobby, and as you will notice am not that good at it. But if I don't make this blog I will loose 10% of my final mark of the Social Media course.

In order to gain the highest mark possible for this homework I started googling the best practices of blogging, while at the same time thinking of a subject that can be talked about in two different posts (as one of the homework requirements).


As a result of this search I found that blogging is much easier than I thought, I can write about anything that interests me without professionalism. So I decided to write about what I’m good at, and now I think I will be interested in writing more than two posts.

The second step was searching about my topic; the top best secrets of happiness, in order to know what number to put in the title; “The Ten Secrets of Happiness? Twenty? Hundred????….


Till I decided to only talk about the secrets I have discovered so far through my life and will discover with you….. Sorry Google we don’t need your help this time.

Let’s start counting from today and see how many secrets we can find together, in order to complete the title of this blog.

And now since I have to keep this post short (according to what I read) I’ll stop here, and in my next post I’ll reveal the first SECRET OF HAPPINESS.

Till my next post, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY ☺